General Information

Blue Ridge and Kilkenny Addition HOA, Inc.

Update: Spring 2021


Annual Meeting Online This Year

Our association bylaws specify that an annual meeting will be held on the first Monday of May to elect board members for the year.  As with so many things in life, the health emergency caused by the Coronavirus will require us to elect the Board online this year.  If you are interested in serving on the Board next year please email Jim Lynch at by April 9th. Ballots for the 2021-22 Board of Directors will be emailed to neighbors on April 14th (due by April 29th).

Kilkenny and Blue Ridge Additions to Southbridge Merger 

In December 2020, the Kilkenny and Blue Ridge Neighborhood Associations merged to form the Blue Ridge and Kilkenny Addition, HOA, Inc.  The members of both the Kilkenny associations approved merging into one association. The merger is intended to improve the efficiency and service to neighbors while NOT changing the Covenants.  


The Association is responsible for carrying out architectural reviews, enforcing our covenants, and taking on other duties as specified by our bylaws. 

Spring is a Good Time to Review the Neighborhood Covenants

Our neighborhood is governed by a set of covenants and by-laws that were established prior to the building of the first home.  These regulations were established to ensure that our real estate investments are protected from actions that reduce the values of our properties, promotes the safety of our families, encourage friendly neighbor relationships, and makes our neighborhood an attractive area to live.  The Covenants include regulations relating to fencing, landscaping, remodeling and more.  These documents can be found at the website under Board of Directors >Documents & Maps

Mailbox Maintenance and Replacement

If your mailbox needs to be spruced up or replaced you can find the information you need on the Livable Communities website.  Simply click this link and scroll to the Southbridge section of the page for the stain for the wood support and information on mailbox replacement.

2020-21 Board of Directors

Kevin Wilck, Treasurer

Kathleen Schell, Secretary

Jim Lynch, President

Ilyana Nielsen

Mian Asghar