Kilkenny Newsletter

General Information

We would like to welcome you to your new home in Waunakee and the Southbridge Neighborhood. You live in the section of Southbridge that has its own neighborhood homeowners association called the Kilkenny Addition to the Southbridge Neighborhood Association (Kilkenny HOA). We are just a small portion (only 84 lots) of the whole neighborhood. There are two other homeowner associations in the Southbridge Neighborhood. One is the Southbridge Homeowners Association (SBHOA). The other is the Blue Ridge Homeowners Association (Blue Ridge HOA).

You can see what section of Southbridge in which you live by visiting the The website has a link for each homeowners association with Board Minutes, financials, a plat map, By-laws, Declarations, and Covenants for each HOA area.

An annual meeting of all residents in our Kilkenny HOA) is held on the first Monday in May of each year to review the budget and issues within our area. We hope you will attend (the exact date, time, and location will be sent to you via-email every year). If you are interested in being on the Board, you will be notified each year on how to nominate yourself for the election at the annual meeting.

Also, as a reminder, all residents in our homeowners association are required to pay a modest annual HOA fee of $25/year to the Kilkenny HOA for insurance, maintenance, etc. The Board has agreed to discount the dues payment annually by $5, (net payment of $20) as long as we have an up-to-date email address for you on file. The annual dues payment is due on February 14 of each calendar year. We would appreciate prompt payment of dues so our Board volunteers don’t have to expend unnecessary time following up on unpaid dues.

Dues not paid by February 14th will be assessed an additional $25 late fee. Please also be aware that there is an Architectural Review Committee (ARC) for the Kilkenny HOA. Be sure to read the covenants that govern architectural standards for your lot should you want to make changes to your home or property.

The boards are voted on each year at the Annual Meeting in May.

We look forward to meeting you.

Your Kilkenny HOA Board of Directors:

Regan Fackrell, Secretary,

Tim Gaule, Treasurer,

Jim Lynch, President,

Cesar Pinzon, Vice President,

Ilyana Nelson,