Southbridge Activities

Our neighbors enjoy many social activities that promote neighborhood interactivity and good spirits.

50 Dinner Group

For those "over 50" in the neighborhood, there is a group that goes on monthly outings to various nearby restaurants. By the way, anyone who is "almost 50" can attend, too. Contact Gayle Talbot for more information,


Bunco is a very easy dice game for which you need only count the dots on the dice. Women in the neighborhood meet monthly to enjoy the game along with food, beverages, and prizes. Bunco is generally held on the fourth Thursday of each month. Contact Terri Pierce for more information.

Entrance Garden

Those inclined towards plants, dirt, and the great outdoors can sign up to help with the Southbridge Entrance Garden. Help is needed from spring through fall with cleanup, planting, weeding, and watering.   A great way to help is to choose a spring/summer/fall week, and visit anytime during that week to lend a hand with your family or youth service group.  This ensures a beautiful entrance for all of us to enjoy!

Book Club

Southbridge Ladies' Book Club meets the third Wednesday of each month at 7 pm. We socialize for an hour and then discuss the latest book. We are a fun and light-hearted group so you can come even if you didn't have time to read the latest book. If you are new to the neighborhood then this is a great way to meet neighbors. To get on the email list for the LBC, send an email to Lisa Janis at or 850-9393, or check out our website LBC Cafe.